Debt Management Program

We set ourselves apart by offering a “full-service” Debt Management Plan (DMP) that can include both secured and unsecured debt. The DMP provides a safety net that allows members to repay their debts.

Our partner GreenPath specializes in helping people eliminate credit card debt. If you want to eliminate credit card debt, you may find debt relief through GreenPath’s Debt Management Plan. People often struggle to eliminate credit card debt. They make monthly payments, but their balances don’t decrease because they incur additional interest charges, late fees and over limit fees. They feel like they’re on a debt treadmill, working hard but not making much progress.

A GreenPath Debt Management Plan could enable you to pay off your credit card debt quicker because more of your payment would be applied to the principal balances. Last year, GreenPath repaid about $300 million on behalf of nearly 45,000 people who worked to eliminate credit card debt with a Debt Management Plan.

Suze Orman discusses Credit Counseling, Debt Management and Debt Settlement.

Members on a DMP depend on our counselors for diverse services including:

  • Working with their creditors to negotiate concessions and/or loan payment plans
  • Establishing a disbursement plan to secure lower interest rates, eliminate fees and cease collection activity
  • Working directly with their mortgage, utility and collection companies to negotiate payment arrangements

Further, our program serves as a preventative measure to bankruptcy.

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